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How can artificial intelligence be used to solve some of the federal government's most complex IT problems? Find out when Chris Milroy, AI Director at Alion Sc...

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This week on Federal Tech Talk, host John Gilroy speaks with Chris Milroy, AI director at Alion Science and Technology.

Probably the best way to describe Milroy is “cerebral.”  He thinks through the concept of artificial intelligence and how it is applied to the federal information technology arena.

Head shot of Chris Milroy
Chris Milroy, AI Director, Alion Science and Technology

During the interview, Milroy puts himself in the role of a federal IT person who is deluged with information.  Can Artificial Intelligence be the answer?  It might not be.

One fascinating part of the interview was when Milroy looks at how artificial systems are played against each other. These are called adversarial networks. When a human tries to be faster than a computer network he/she will lose. However, when one computer system is challenged with another at the same speed, you can see amazing results.

Milroy gives an articulate and thought-provoking explanation of the mysterious phrase “neural network.”  Additionally, he touches on advances in hardware that can enable federal use of artificial networks. He touches on the ability of a Graphics Processing Unit to handle data sets at an incredible speed.

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