Cloud security and identity governance

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Over the years, we have seen many kinds of attacks on federal data sets. After failing at many attempts, it looks like the current approach is to lock down everything, commonly called Zero Trust.

If that is the case, then how does a large organization allow access to these buttoned-up documents?

Head shot of Diana Volere
Diana Volere, chief evangelist & director of Product Marketing, Saviynt

Many argue the answer is the Identity Governance Administration (IGA). Saviynt has been recognized as a leader in the IGA group of companies and, this week on Federal Tech Talk, Diana Volere, Saviynt’s chief evangelist and director of Product Marketing, explained how their system works for federal applications.

Essentially, allowing access to documents combines identity governance with four levels of access: Application, data, infrastructure, and cloud. Volere gave an example of how each of these topics is addressed with Saviynt.

When a systems manager considers access management, they have many considerations. For example, how would this system work in today’s hybrid environments? Systems today may get bombarded with data that is structured and unstructured; it could be located on-premises or in the cloud.

Further, with the increased interest in robotic process automation, how does an identity system integrate with advanced robotic processes? Finally, one must understand that just because an identity system works at one level, it may not scale.

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