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Dave McOmber, executive vice president Public Sector Federal Sales at QTS Data Centers and Jeff Groh, vice chairman Occupier Services JLL, join host John Gilroy...

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Most federal professionals know about today’s Cloud Smart strategy. Endless articles and interviews have been conducted in an attempt to explain issues like hybrid cloud, multi cloud, not forgetting identity and access management. The question many never ask is how do you choose a data center?

Today’s show takes a look at that question from the perspective of a federal information professional. Dave McOmber is the executive vice president Public Sector, Federal Sales at QTS Data Centers, and Jeff Groh is the vice chairman Occupier Services at JLL. They join host John Gilroy on this week’s Federal Tech Talk to discuss latency, real estate, cybersecurity and much more.

Head shots of McOmber and Groh
Dave McOmber & Jeff Groh

McOmber has been involved in many federal cloud transitions. During the interview, he talks about gaining a deep understanding of federal systems in order to suggest an appropriate solution. Selecting a data center is not a regular activity and many facets must be taken into consideration.

For example, he likes to ask deeper questions to discover if the agency may have geographical requirements that may impact latency considerations.

Groh is a subject matter expert when it comes to data center issues. He brings the benefit of thousands of transactions to the discussion table. One insight he suggests is that we are really in the early stages of the federal cloud transition. He mentions that big transitions are in the future and a reasonable technology manager should acquaint themselves with many aspects of selecting a data center for a project.

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