On DoD: Vice Adm. Bill Moran, Chief of Naval Personnel

On this week’s show, a deep dive into military personnel management within the Navy. Our guest for the full hour is Vice Adm. Bill Moran, the Chief of Naval Personnel.

He tells Jared Serbu he’s at the start of a serious conversation with the other military services and with Congress about how to modernize the military’s approach to talent management. In a recent op-ed, Moran argued the current, linear, “up or out” model for career development is a bad fit for a generation that wants to explore different opportunities — especially early in their working lives. He thinks the personnel system needs more on-and-off ramps that would allow service members to take a pause in their military careers to go to school, start a family, maybe work in the private sector for a couple years, and then come back. The bottom line, Moran says, is that the current system is too inflexible.

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