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Executive Briefing Series: Driving value from data to achieve digital transformation

That, say federal data chiefs, is a top priority as they seek to establish data-centric cultures within their agencies. We talk with FAA, FERC, NASA, NSF and USPTO about how they plan to make data accessible and trusted while maintaining governance.

Executive Briefing

The growing role of open source intelligence in national security strategy

Federal News Network interviewed agencies, associations and institutions about how they are integrating open source intelligence into national security strategy. Register today to download the full analysis and survey results.


Expert Edition: The Balancing Act That Is IoT Security

In this exclusive ebook, we delve into how tech leaders are working to achieve that delicate balance where risk doesn't outpace return.


Executive Briefing: Reimagining how the government hires

In this executive briefing, the following experts will discuss the tactics used to reimagine hiring in government.

Executive Briefing

Expert Edition: Reenvisioning how DoD plans and budgets

The need to define budgets years before spending a single dime creates a challenge at most Defense organizations when it comes to ensuring appropriations align with mission demands. Our ebook looks at potential policy and technology tactics.


Expert edition: The nonstop evolution of the federal data center

It’s been more than a decade since OMB launched its initial data center consolidation effort. Agencies have winnowed down the government’s data centers, but now they are pivoting to drive green and operational efficiencies.


Expert Edition: 5G: The Future of Government Connectivity

From precision agriculture to city-scale test beds, the government is studying how to tap 5G to improve network services as well as expand into innovative new use cases. We peel back the curtain to find out about efforts at ARS, DHS, NSF and VA.


Expert Edition: Secure tools for a telework future

Agencies and federal workers have had to evolve at warp speed since the onset of COVID-19. In our new ebook, DHS, EPA, State and Avaya IT leaders share insights on federal efforts to provide secure, always-on remote access and what still lies ahead.


Executive Briefing Series: Overcoming the Challenges of Delivering Digital Services to Citizens Efficiently

A panel of customer experience experts — from ACF, the Air Force, FSA, IRS, TSA and Salesforce — outline the success factors necessary for agencies to improve customer experience and provide excellent digital services. Download to learn more.

Executive Briefing

How Air Force reduces network maintenance worldwide

By standardizing its support IT services with Affigent and Dell, the Air Force was able to reduce networking hiccups and centralize support services for all its bases. Read more now.


Expert Edition: Get ready for multi-cloud

Across the government, in agencies large and small, IT leaders have launched efforts to use to multi-domain cloud environments to deliver against mission demands. We talk to experts inside and outside government to uncover takeaways in this exclusive ebook.


Expert Edition: Going Beyond Data Protection

Federal systems house troves of data that make them likely ransomware targets: personally identifiable information, financial records, and highly classified files. CISA, DISA and FHFA share tips on how to make agency systems less desirable targets.


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