OPM’s backlog of retirement claims down again in June

The Office of Personnel Management’s retirement claims backlog has decreased by 1,755 claims in June. This is the fifth month in a row OPM shrank its backlog.

At 16,370 claims, the inventory is the lowest it has been since December 2017. However, there is still room for improvement. The backlog sits at 3,370 claims above OPM’s steady state goal of 13,000.

OPM also received fewer claims in June, compared to May. In June, retiring federal employees filed 4,854 claims with OPM, the lowest number since December 2015.

The monthly average processing time in days increased in June to 74 days from 71 days in May. In cases processed in less than 60 days, the average processing time was 38 days, OPM stated. For cases that took over 60 days, the average processing time was 126 days. Both are increases from May.

The fiscal year to date average processing time stayed the same at 78 days.


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