• State award under Networx protested

    A second award under the Networx contract has been withdrawn because of protest. The State Department awarded a contract to AT&T, but Qwest protested the award to the Government Accountability Office. A State spokesman says…

  • Sprint gets OK to offer TIC services under Networx

    By Jason Miller Executive Editor FederalNewsRadio The General Services Administration added Sprint to the growing number of vendors offering secure Internet gateway services through the Networx telecommunications contract. Sprint, joins AT&T and Qwest, to offer…

  • GSA opens up possibility of FTS2001 extension

    Vendors pessimistic that agencies can transition all services to Networx by June 2011. GSA says it will decide a few months before the contract ends whether to extend the current telecommunications contract.

  • GSA, DHS approve first governmentwide cyber provider

    AT&T receives an authority to operate its cybersecurity services under the Networx telecommunications contract. Agencies now can purchase these services to meet the Trusted Internet Connections requirements.

  • DoD has limited cyber situational awareness

    Gen. Keith Alexander calls for the Cyber Command to have real time understanding of what’s going on in their computer networks. He also calls for a common operational picture as a part of improving situational awareness. Alexander also says DoD is putting a lot of effort and focus on ensuring privacy and civil liberties laws and regulations are followed.

  • AT&T first under Networx to get cybersecurity approval

    WFED’s Jason Miller reports.

  • Security hole exposes iPad users’ e-mails

    Bill would put DHS in charge of all civilian networks

  • AT&T Approved Under Networxx

    The General Services Administration and Homeland Security Department have approved the first government-wide provider of cybersecurity services under the Networx telecommunications contract.

    AT&T has received authority to operate its Managed Trusted IP Services (or MTIPS) program, a move that took almost a year to approve.

    Qwest, Sprint and Verizon also received awards to be MTIPS providers, but have not received the authority to operate on a governmentwide basis.

  • Agencies moving slowly to TICs

    Most mid- and small agencies missed the June 1 deadline to choose the Networx carrier to implement Managed Trusted IP Services. Some say part of the reason for the missed mandate is because GSA and DHS have approved only one MTIPS provider so far. OMB still wants agencies to have all traffic going through a TIC access point by Jan. 31.

  • D.C. telecenters to lose GSA funding

    Administrator Martha Johnson said changes in the way people work and the technology they have access to are major reasons why GSA will no longer guarantee a specific number of workers at the area telecenters. GSA remains committed to telework in other ways, including the launch of a new collaboration platform called FedSpace. It also awarded a contract to deploy telepresence at 15 offices around the country.