• Can RPA shift lower-grade federal employees to higher-value work?

    Automation won’t put federal employees out of a job anytime soon, but the spread of robotic process automation (RPA) in agencies will likely have an impact on the types of government jobs that are available within the next decade or so, the General Services Administration’s leading voice on RPA said Wednesday.

  • Top FOIA officials pursue automation tools amid unprecedented surge in records requests

    Faced with an unprecedented volume of Freedom of Information Act requests, top agency FOIA officials say automation could help ease the burden of their strained workforces.

  • NASA turns to innovation to address its cyber talent gap

    Faced with a “talent gap” in its cybersecurity workforce, NASA finds itself relying on tools that keep its in-demand IT professionals focused on high-value work. 

  • Cybersecurity & SOC management

    What are the new DHD cybersecurity guidelines and how to they asses ridks and protect government IT systems?Find out when Mike Ewell, director at Solutions by Design ll, joins host John Gilroy on this week’s Federal Tech Talk. July 3, 2018