Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • Civic digital fellows exchange tech skills for lessons in government bureaucracy

    Many of students in this year’s Civic Digital Fellowship program this summer said they were inspired by the impact they had to make a difference on the products and services the American people use every day.

  • Some young veterans need more from government

    If the administration took time to think about veteran hiring in a more holistic way, it could offer some veterans who have traditionally struggled to find good jobs an opportunity to build a career in a stable job with good pay and benefits.

  • COLA, yes — pay raise? Maybe

    Today the House is in recess until after Labor Day. Proposed changes in FERS, which would require you to pay 6 percent more for the benefit while cost of living adjustments would be eliminated for retirees, seem less urgent.

  • Are you a gig worker or job drudge?

    The gig economy is a durable but static part of the U.S. economy. Employers will always have their traditional challenges.

  • Expert Edition: Emerging Technologies

    In this Expert Edition: Emerging Technologies, we’ll explore how the General Services Administration, CIA and Bureau of Labor and Statistics are using AI to simplify or remove tedious, time-consuming or redundant tasks to free employees to work on more complex, mission-critical challenges.

  • No pay raise? So grab a COLA

    Some clever, eligible federal workers are considering retiring later this year to be on the retirement roles for the January 2019 cost of living adjustment. But the problem is that time is not on their side.

  • Retiree COLA: 1.58 percent and counting

    January 2019 prospects are not nearly so good for feds who are still on the job. White collar, nonpostal civil servants face the prospect of a pay freeze.

  • Adm. Zukunft: Coast Guard finally where it needs to be budget-wise

    In today’s Federal Newscast, after spending 2017 with low budgets, the head of the Coast Guard says his service is now punching at the middleweight class.

  • Are more federal employees leaving government under Trump administration?

    Federal employees left their jobs at a higher rate under the first year of the Trump administration than at any other point in recent years.

  • When is it too late for a career change? Maybe never

    For federal workers, making a mid-life career change does not always mean leaving government.