claims backlog

  • Retirement claims rise in April while backlog drops, OPM reports

    The Office of Personnel Management appeared to have mixed results processing retirement claims in April. More claims were submitted and fewer were processed than in March, but the claims processing backlog also dropped.

  • OPM cuts retirement backlog to its lowest level in more than a year

    The Office of Personnel Management processed twice as many retirement claims in December than it had in the previous month, considerably reducing its claims backlog.

  • OPM makes 14 percent reduction in retirement claims backlog

    The Office of Personnel Managment has made some progress in working through the spike in retirement claims it saw earlier this year. However, the agency still has a higher overall backlog in claims than did a year ago.

  • Senate committee insists it’s not trying to privatize VA health care

    The Senate is still debating whether it should overhaul current programs at the Veterans Affairs Department that give veterans access to private health care or revise certain pieces of it. At the same time, the VA said it’s close on finalizing a new appeals process, but the committee is concerned the VA’s plan does little to address the current backlog of 450,000 unresolved claims.

  • OPM progress on retirement claims backlog remains an uphill battle

    The Office of Personnel Management chipped away at its growing inventory of retirement claims in March, thanks to the low volume of new claims it received this month. But the agency still faces an uphill battle in reducing the backlog it worked so hard to manage late last year.

  • VA convenes summit with veterans advocates to fix appeals process

    Top officials from the Department of Veterans Affairs will meet this week with leaders from several leading veterans’ service organizations, seeking common ground on a legislative proposal that would overhaul the appeals process for veterans’ compensation claims.

  • OPM wrestles January surge of retirement claims

    As usual, more federal employees filed for retirement in January than any other month in the last year. The Office of Personnel Management ended January with an inventory of 19,761 unprocessed claims.

  • Allison Hickey: Battling the VA claims backlog

    After a years-long effort, the Veterans Affairs Department has managed to whittle down its backlog of disability claims by 90 percent. It now has fewer than 100,000 disability claims, meaning those more than 125 days since filing. That’s down from the record 611,000 claims it still held in 2013. Allison Hickey is VA’s undersecretary for benefits. Hickey tells the Federal Drive with Tom Temin more about how VA made this progress.

  • OPM retirement backlog smallest in more than a year

    The Office of Personnel Management processed 6,447 retirement claims last month, ending 2014 with the lowest number of unprocessed claims in its inventory in more than a year.

  • Allison Hickey, Under Secretary for Benefits, Veterans Affairs Department

    The Veterans Affairs Department has broken its own records in processing disability and pension claims. The agency made its way through 1.3 million claims in fiscal 2014. That surpasses 2013’s record by 150,000. One result is that VA’s disability claims backlog fell to its lowest number in four years. It’s down 60 percent from the peak of March 2013. These numbers put VA on track to meet its 2015 goals. Allison Hickey is the undersecretary for benefits at the VA. She joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to explain how the agency was able to plow through so many cases.