dave zvenyach

  • DATA Act advocates reflect on three years of planning, partnerships, predictions for future spending reports

    Open government advocates, industry, and agency officials are eagerly looking toward the May 9 implementation date for standardized federal spending information.

  • Only the beginning for agencies’ push toward agile

    Half of federal agencies earned a failing grade from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on their use of incremental development, as part of their implementation of FITARA. But agencies are still learning how to navigate an often confusing field of agile.

  • Failure is an option for GSA’s new 18F agile contract

    18F and the Office of Integrated Technology Services release a request for quote to Schedule 70 vendors to provide agile development services. The 5-year contract has a ceiling of $25 million.

  • Jason Miller, Executive Editor, Federal News Radio

    The General Services Administration’s 18F needs some help. Agencies are asking for their services around agile development and Dev/Ops at a rate that 18F can’t keep up with. So they are turning to industry. Chris Cairns is the director of 18-F Consulting. Dave Zvenyach is the project lead for the new agile blanket purchase agreement that 18F released on Wednesday. They tell Federal News Radio Executive Editor Jason Miller about the BPA and how it will help agencies move toward a more agile approach for IT projects.