Federally Employed Women

  • Federally Employed Women, the Organization of Choice for Leadership, Equity, and the Advancement of Women

    July 16th, 2009 at 11:00 AM

    BIG Experience host: Mr. J. David Reeves, Blacks In Government National President, will host Sue Webster, as guest this Thursday at 11:00am. Join us as we discuss with Sue, Federally Employed Women, the Organization of Choice for Leadership, Equity, and the Advancement of Women

  • Outside of D.C., where do feds live?

    FEW compiled an interactive map that breaks down the federal population by state.

  • How to cut costs and avoid furloughs at your agency

    Federally Employed Women conducted a survey of federal employees to offer suggestions to Congress in cutting agencies’ costs.

  • Impact of a 10 percent fed workforce cut

    Janet Kopenhaver is the Washington representative of Federally Employed Women.

  • Group gives 25 lawmakers ‘perfect scores’ on federal report card

    Federally Employed Women, which is aimed at improving the status of women working for the federal government, reviewed legislators’ voting records on 10 bills mostly related to federal pay and benefits. The group gave its highest score — a 100 percent — to two senators and 23 House members, all Democrats.

  • The FEW list

    Janet Kopenhaver, Washington representative for Federally Employed Women, will talk about the impact of some bills pending in Congress that affect federal employees. July 18, 2012

  • Sequestration and health care

    Host Mike Causey will discuss the potential impact of sequestration with Janet Kopenhaver from Federally Employed Women, and Stephen Losey and Sean Reilly from the Federal Times. September 26, 2012

  • Uncle Sam as Freddy Krueger

    What do Uncle Sam and horror-movie star Freddy Krueger have in common? Not much, fortunately. But that could all change if an 8 percent cut kicks in Jan. 3 forcing furloughs curtailed services that impact everything from tax returns and Social Security claims to airline travel, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says.

  • Workplace violence, retirement , and sequestration

    Host Mike Causey and his guests will be talking about cases of workplace violence in the federal government, how you could be affected by an increase in retirement applications, and how one organization feels about sequestration. October 10, 2012

  • Government shutdown, furloughs, and more

    Janet Kopenhaver from Federally Employed Woman and Federal Times Senior Writer Sean Reilly, join host Mike Causey to talk about what would happen if the federal government were to shut down. January 16, 2013