Donald Trump, Mike Pence

Still got a shutdown hangover?

Some of the 800,000 feds that felt the impact of the record long government shutdown in their pockets may still be playing financial catch-up.

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Steff Thomas/Federal News Network

Fed assistance charity in need of funds following shutdown

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Michael O'Connell/FNNFormer AFGE President

Agencies, AFGE begin preparations for another government shutdown

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Blue Cross-Blue Shield, FEEA partner up for Giving Tuesday

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US Customs and Border Patrol

Donated leave, easing of contracting rules latest part of Hurricane Harvey response efforts

GSA raises contracting thresholds for agencies responding to the disaster.

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(Photos by 1Lt. Zachary West, 100th MPAD)Texas National Guard soldiers conduct rescue operations in flooded areas around Houston, Texas 27 August, 2017.

Inter-agency partnership at work during Harvey rescue and response

The Homeland Security Department isn’t the only agency working on rescue and response to Hurricane Harvey. Other agencies are doing their part to help…

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One less thing to worry about: furloughs

Federal employees still recovering financially from the 2013 furloughs can relax a little, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey.

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