Forrester Research

  • Pandemic increases need for agency IT upgrades

    The fast and vast federal response to coronavirus has exposed weaknesses in some agencies’ information technology.

  • One year later, agencies are embracing zero trust three-fold

    Chase Cunningham, Forrester Research vice president and principal analyst serving security and risk professionals, said he has seen nearly triple the attention paid to zero trust at agencies since this time last year.

  • Nothing personal: Zero Trust meant to stop cyber breaches before they start

    Analyst Chase Cunningham said the concept of zero trust means removing the potential for someone to be the person who causes a cybersecurity failure.

  • Agencies can ‘stop chasing the rabbit’ by moving to a zero trust framework

    Agencies are becoming more interested in moving to a zero trust approach to cybersecurity so the CIO Council is working on an effort to define what that means for government.

  • Rich Parrish: Concerns grow about protecting private info on federal websites

    Federal websites now enjoy visits from at least 44 percent of Americans. Yet there’s a credibility problem when it comes to protection of personal information.

  • Jeff Pollard: What can be learned from latest cyber breach?

    WikiLeaks has a lot in common with lightning. It can strike anywhere, and doesn’t discriminate. When it does, organizations know they’ve been zapped good. Yet each cybersecurity loss gives or should give some insight in how to improve your defenses. What potential lessons learned from this latest case, Federal Drive with Tom Temin turns to Jeff Pollard, principal cybersecurity analyst at Forrester Research.

  • Andrew Bartels: New forecasts for technology spending

    President Donald Trump and members of Congress have stressed the importance of improving government information technology. The questions is whether their proposed budgets match their enthusiasm. Forrester Research provides some new forecasts for technology spending. For highlights, Federal News Radio’s Eric White spoke with Forrester research analyst Andrew Bartels on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • John Kindervag: How to mitigate threats to your network

    A perfect solution for cybersecurity is elusive because the threats always change. But the network itself remains an important focus for cyber efforts. John Kindervag, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, shares some of the latest strategies for mitigating network threats on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Rick Parrish: Federal agencies need lesson in customer experience

    For your constituents, customer experience is like bliss when it’s excellent, and hell on earth when it’s lousy. One new piece of research says federal agencies fail at customer experience. One reason is they ignore the important ingredients that go into good customer experience. Joining the Federal Drive with more, Rick Parrish, principal government customer experience analyst at Forrester Research.

  • Government maintains ‘monopoly’ on poor customer experience

    In today’s Top Federal Headlines, a new report shows that while some agencies are improving, the federal government still ranks among the worst for customer experience.