GPRA Modernization Act

  • Senate Defense bill would eliminate DoD’s chief management officer

    The Senate’s version of the 2021 NDAA would eliminate DoD’s third-highest ranking position, one that’s only existed for the last two years.

  • New playbook trying to make performance metrics more than just a compliance exercise

    Kate Josephs spent the last two years as the executive director of the Performance Improvement Council where she focused on having program managers take advantage of data to make decisions. Josephs left government July 29 to return to a new role in the UK government.

  • Performance-based budgeting gets a kick in the pants for 2017 budget

    Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) authored a provision instructing OMB to ensure budget plans are linked more directly to performance measures as required under the GPRA Modernization Act.

  • Chris Mihm: Seven keys to success to your agency’s next strategic review

    Your agency has to review its progress in meeting strategic goals every year under the GPRA Modernization Act of 2010. Chris Mihm is managing director for strategic issues at the Government Accountability Office. He’s looking at a few best practices from six major departments and tells In Depth with Francis Rose that your agency can learn a thing or two from them.

  • What Commerce, HUD and DHS can teach us about improving performance

    Researchers at the Partnership for Public Service and Grant Thornton say they know how agencies can keep the good things going, even as leaders change.

  • GAO: OMB program inventory needs work to detect duplicative programs

    The Government Accountability Office recommends that the Office of Management and Budget revise its guidance to agencies in order to collect better data for its governmentwide program inventory, which is meant to cut down on overlaps in program services.

  • Agencies taking the ‘Burger King’ approach to strategic reviews

    OMB is giving agencies a lot of latitude to figure out how best to meet key parts of the Government Performance and Results Act Modernization Act of 2010. NASA, NSF say they are developing strategic review processes that fit their specific mission goals. Agencies are going through the first set of reviews and rankings this summer.

  • OMB takes first step toward comprehensive inventory of federal programs

    The Office of Management and Budget took the first step Friday in attempting to compile a comprehensive list of federal programs with the launch of a new online inventory. Hosted on, the Federal Program Inventory aims to be a one-stop shop for information about the more than 1,600 programs agencies operate and how they complement — or even duplicate — the work of other programs.

  • Warner seeks to ‘clean house’ on outdated agency reports

    Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) said he plans to introduce legislation allowing for the elimination or consolidation of outdated or redundant agency reports. Cutting back on unnecessary reporting requirements is part of the 2010 Government Performance and Results Modernization Act.

  • OMB proposes to eliminate, consolidate 376 reports

    The White House submitted a report to Congress as part of the GPRA Modernization Act that details hundreds of unnecessary reports and studies. The report listed 70 DoD reports as well as the desire to streamline the report on duplicate reports.