House Energy and Commerce Committee

Congress Debt Limit

Congress aims to reauthorize Commerce telecom agency for first time in three decades

NTIA is seeking a big budget boost this year, and some lawmakers want to bolster the agency’s authorities over issues ranging from federal spectrum management…

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FILE - This Aug. 2, 2018 file photo shows the U.S. Food and Drug Administration building behind FDA logos at a bus stop on the agency's campus in Silver Spring, Md. The Food and Drug Administration has issued a negative review of a closely watched experimental drug for the debilitating illness known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. The review comes ahead of a meeting this week for outside experts to vote on the drug for ALS. The drug has been the focal point of a lobbying campaign by patients, their families and lawmakers. FDA reviewers said Monday, March 28, 2022 the single study from Amylyx Pharmaceuticals was “not persuasive” due to missing data, errors in enrolling patients and other problems. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, File)

Deadline approaches to pass bill affecting employment for 3,500 FDA workers

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John Teeter

John Teeter: Change of scenery for your CISO might lead to better cybersecurity

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Emily Kopp

Emily Kopp: Your agency’s CISO might wind up in the legal office instead of the IT shop

The House Energy and Commerce Committee proposes moving the Chief Information Security Officer’s job at the Department of Health and Human Services. A…

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House panel: HHS’ lawyers could secure IT networks better than its CIOs

At the Health and Human Services Department, chief information officers are so concerned with operating IT networks that they skimp on cybersecurity, according…

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Federal News Radio pinwheel icon contractors point fingers at CMS for site bottlenecks

The House Energy and Commerce Committee called representatives from four contractors — including prime contractor CGI Federal — to the committee to investigate the bumpy launch of the health care website. Contractors responsible for key parts of the website told lawmakers that the federal government was responsible for comprehensively testing the site and that a late decision to require logging into the system before browsing for insurance plans created bottlenecks that crippled the site.

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