House Energy and Commerce Committee

  • Is Congress readying to ponder time of day?

    The chairman of House Energy and Commerce Committee is seeking data on whether daylight saving time saves energy.

  • Agencies, vendors under increasing pressure to secure their supply chains

    Concerns about the technology supply chain are growing are gaining more attention from legislative and regulatory perspectives.

  • OMB not expecting shutdown, but plans for it

    Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney has echoed the sentiment of President Donald Trump on the possibility of a government shutdown this week.

  • John Teeter: Change of scenery for your CISO might lead to better cybersecurity

    A cyber breach at the Food and Drug Administration back in 2013 — and hacks against other Health and Human Services Department components — could have been stopped if the department’s chief information officer and chief information security officer function separately. That’s according to a new report from the House Energy and Commerce Committee. It says CISOs would do a better job protecting their agencies from cyber threats from the department’s legal office rather than the CIO office. John Teeter is a former deputy chief information officer and acting CIO for HHS and is now a health IT consultant. He tells In Depth with Francis Rose about the different responsibilities for CIOs and CISOs and how they work together.

  • Emily Kopp: Your agency’s CISO might wind up in the legal office instead of the IT shop

    The House Energy and Commerce Committee proposes moving the Chief Information Security Officer’s job at the Department of Health and Human Services. A report from Republicans on the committee suggests moving the CISO job from the IT shop to the legal counsel’s office. Federal News Radio’s Emily Kopp explains why the legislators believe the agency would be better off with the CISO reporting to lawyers instead of IT experts.

  • House panel: HHS’ lawyers could secure IT networks better than its CIOs

    At the Health and Human Services Department, chief information officers are so concerned with operating IT networks that they skimp on cybersecurity, according to report by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. It says chief information security officers should report to agencies’ top lawyers.

  • contractors point fingers at CMS for site bottlenecks

    The House Energy and Commerce Committee called representatives from four contractors — including prime contractor CGI Federal — to the committee to investigate the bumpy launch of the health care website. Contractors responsible for key parts of the website told lawmakers that the federal government was responsible for comprehensively testing the site and that a late decision to require logging into the system before browsing for insurance plans created bottlenecks that crippled the site.

  • DoE restructures management offices to cut waste, improve security

    The Department of Energy detailed to House lawmakers Wednesday its plans to create a new undersecretary for management and performance and expand its undersecretary of science office.

  • GOP lawmakers urge Obama to drop cyber executive order

    Republican lawmakers in the House and Senate wrote to President Barack Obama urging him to not issue an executive order setting voluntary cybersecurity standards for private-sector operators of critical infrastructure.

  • NIH director voices concerns about sequestration

    National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins and members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee subcommittee on Health shared concern about effects of potential sequestration on the agency, specifically in the area of funding grants.