Innovation in Government

Data protections, network isolation are keys to improving cybersecurity

About a third of all cyber incidents federal agencies faced last year were unknown or outside the typical spam, phishing or web authentication vectors….

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Back to growth: Moving from now to next

Amy Button, the vice president of aerospace, defense and government system integrators at Salesforce, said while every business is on a digital transformation…

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How open source concepts are permeating all aspects of IT modernization

Jason Corey, the senior director for emerging technologies at Red Hat, said the pandemic has brought a sense of urgency to agency digital transformation…

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The ROI of moving automation from back office to mission areas

Chris Townsend, the area vice president for federal sales at UiPath, said this unprecedented growth and acceptance of automation comes from the desire for agencies to have employees no longer focus on menial or “low-value” work and spend more time on mission activities.

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