Innovation in Government

Data, tools integration is now what agencies need to combat rising cyber threats

Agencies need to consider how best to use tools like continuous monitoring and how to integrate threat intelligence into their protections. All of these…

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Enjoy your successes, now figure out how to continue IT, process improvements

Phoebe Nerdahl, the public sector lead for Atlassian, said there technology, tools process steps agencies can take to continue this evolution.

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RSA Innovation in Government

Protecting the supply chain to promote operational resiliency

Dan Carayiannis, the director of public sector at RSA, said the increasing concern about technology products and components, and whether the technology…

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Getting your data house in order starts with knowing what you own

Jeffrey Phelan, the chief technology officer for public sector at Rubrik, said while it’s clear every agency is at a different point in corralling their data, too often they are in “deer in the headlights” mode.

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