Jim Williams

  • Former FAS commissioner discusses the current procurement landscape

    This week on Leaders and Legends, Jim Williams, former commissioner of the Federal Acquisition Service and current partner at Schambach & Williams Consulting.

  • Why contractor past performance data is becoming both more, less valuable

    New analysis from GovConRx found agencies are giving vendors “satisfactory” past performance ratings more often than any other rating because the system is too burdensome and time consuming.

  • The post-shutdown chaotic wave is days from hitting many contractors

    The Department of Homeland Security issued a notice to contractors setting expectations about the timing of solicitations and other acquisition activities for after the shutdown ends.

  • ‘Agencies need a strategy’ to improve records management

    Records management has rarely been a high priority for most agencies, and their practices have had difficulty keeping up with federal requirements.

  • Jim Williams: Why is records management stuck in the ’80s?

    Good records management is not only required by law for federal agencies it’s also a great way to cut costs and improve performance. Even in the electronic era, agencies still generate a lot of paper. Someone who spans both eras is Jim Williams, long-time federal IT and acquisition executive and now a consultant with Shambach and Williams. Federal Drive with Tom Temin asked him why records management sometimes seems mired in the 1980s.

  • Oracle to leave GSA schedule: A signal of broader change?

    Multiple sources confirm that software giant Oracle will no longer sell directly or indirectly through the IT schedule program.

  • Jim Williams: The next generation of customer service

    The White House is working with the American Council for Technology-Industry Advisory Council to help shape the next round of customer service initiatives using commercial best practices. Customer service is one of the White House’s top cross-agency priority goals. Jim Williams is a partner at Schambach and Williams Consulting. He tells the Federal Drive with Tom Temin how he’s heading up the ACT-IAC effort.

  • Acquisition quiz: True or False?

    If you keep hearing the same thing over and over, is it true? Take certain federal procurement axioms: virtually every procurement nowadays is protested, contracting officers are not allowed to talk to potential bidders, there are too many contracting vehicles out there. Federal News Radio set out to explore these refrains, with the help of two procurement experts.

  • Jim Williams, Partner, Schambach & Williams Consulting

    On the second day of our three-day series, The Missing Pieces of Procurement Reform, we’re focusing on people and what improvements can be made to acquisition training and the workforce. Jim Williams is former acting commissioner at the General Services Administration and the top acquisition official at the IRS. Williams joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to discuss all things procurement and the current state of governmentwide acquisition vehicles.

  • Federal News Countdown: No shutdown drama, Program management

    Jim Williams, left, partner at Schambach & Williams Consulting, and Ron Marks, president of Intelligence Enterprises, count down the week’s top federal stories with Francis Rose.