Why systemic bias exists in government contracting programs

John Shoraka, the co-founder and managing director of GovContractPros, details the policies and regulations that hamper owners of 8(a) companies.

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Lawmakers berate SBA for trying to ‘usurp authority’ in HUBZone program

The House Small Business Committee had a number of bones to pick with the Small Business Association’s HUBZone program, including the agency’s decision…

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SBA fights back on contracting goals lawsuit

The Small Business Administration is asking a judge to toss out a lawsuit claiming it cooks the books when it comes to federal contracting goals.

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Lawsuit calls on SBA to stop ‘deceptive’ practices for reaching compliance goals

The American Small Business League filed a lawsuit May 3 calling on the Small Business Administration to stop what its president claims amounts to giving small business contracts to large firms and “inflating” numbers to meet compliance goals.

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