Kshemendra Paul

  • Executive Briefing Series: Evolving Cloud Strategies

    In this exclusive executive briefing, IT specialists discuss how federal agencies are approaching cloud computing.

  • IT executives at DHS, OMB on the move

    Kshemendra Paul joined the Veterans Affairs Department as its new chief data officer after spending the last almost three years at the Homeland Security Department. Meanwhile, SBA hires Bill Hunt from OMB and Labor promotes a new deputy CIO.

  • DHS letting its components, ‘smart’ strategy guide its own cloud journey

    The three tenets of the Trump administration’s “cloud smart” strategy, plus the early successes from its component agencies, are driving the Department of Homeland Security’s journey to the cloud.

  • Secure Cloud Computing in Government 2019 “Progress & Best Practices”

    This program will provide a progress report on secure cloud computing in government.

  • End-to-end dev/op automation critical for cloud success, DHS officials say

    The Homeland Security Department is hoping by year end to launch Cloud Factory, a platform offering shared services capabilities to provide a fully automated provisioning and delivery lifecycle for cloud services.

  • ISE driving intergovernmental alignment of capabilities to fight crime

    Kshemendra Paul, who spent six years as the program manager of the Information Sharing Environment, recently took a new job with the Homeland Security Department as deputy director for Mission and Strategy on the Information Sharing and Services team in the agency’s chief information officer’s office.

  • Agencies look past ID cards to next phase of identity management

    With 85 percent of agencies using smart identity cards to log onto computer networks, they’re starting to look ahead to the next phase of identity management: controlling who gets access to what information, and when.

  • Virtualization in a Collaborative Information Sharing Environment

    The Intelligence and National Security Alliance convened a breakfast forum to host the panel discussion, “Virtualization in Collaborative Information Sharing Environment” to discuss the benefits of virtualization and how the public and private sectors can best work together to share information.

  • Federal, state, local programs working off of the same sheet of identity music

    Kshemendra Paul, the program manager of the Information Sharing Environment, said the organization’s annual report to Congress demonstrates a maturing and sustainable set of frameworks and policies.

  • Jason Miller: Easier data sharing among law enforcement

    Federal, state and local law enforcement officers no longer have to check multiple and disparate databases to ensure they aren’t stepping on each other’s toes. The concept of event deconfliction is part of the federally-led effort to improve information sharing across law enforcement entities around the country. Kshemendra Paul is the program manager of the Information Sharing Environment. In part one of their interview, he tells executive editor Jason Miller more about the effort to bring together three main law enforcement systems.