Mary Davie

General Services Administration (GSA)

Federal Acquisition Service’s new structure seeks to break down long-held fiefdoms

Sonny Hashmi, the commissioner of the General Services Administration’s Federal Acquisition Service, said the new organizational approach will be made…

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GSA fills key management positions in the Federal Acquisition Service

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Customer, consultant, contractor: Thomas’ 3 perspectives in leading GSA’s acquisition service

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GAO ruling lets GSA buy the USDA steak, not the mystery meat

The Government Accountability Office’s decision to deny four protests of GSA’s Alliant 2 contracts for IT services could end up being a landmark ruling.

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Mary Davie: Progress report on IT category mangement

For decades the government has tried to buy as one big organization to consolidate its buying power. The latest iteration of that effort is called category…

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Tony Scott/AP/Susan WalshOMB

OMB stays mum on IT modernization details but promises preparedness

Federal Chief Information Officer Tony Scott shared a few more clues about the guidance and metrics of the administration’s plan to modernize the government’s aging IT infrastructure.

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