National Treasury Employees Union

  • Postal workers and federal employees groups are urging the \"supercommittee\" to reject President Barack Obama\'s proposed increase in employee retirement contributions and support his cap on contractors\' salaries. The Federal-Postal Coalition also wants lawmakers to preserve Saturday mail delivery, despite USPS\' wishes.

    September 28, 2011
  • The Federal-Postal Coalition that represents 4.6 million government workers is urging President Barack Obama to preserve federal employees\' pay and benefits when he sends his budget-reduction plan to Congress Monday. Coalition members fear lawmakers\' drive to find funding cuts could harm federal employees.

    September 18, 2011
  • The two largest federal unions are urging feds to stand up against proposed cuts to federal pay and retirement by calling Congressional leaders and rallying in New York. Last week, 21 federal unions sent a letter to Treasury and OMB demanding to know what would happen to federal employees should Congress and the White House fail to raise the debt ceiling but got no response.

    July 19, 2011
  • A coalition of 21 groups representing five-million federal employees and retirees wrote a letter to OMB and Treasury asking for information about what happens to federal workers if the debt ceiling isn\'t raised. NTEU is planning a rally in New York to oppose proposed cuts to federal employees pay and benefits.

    July 15, 2011
  • A bill to modernize the federal workers compensation program unanimously cleared a House committee.

    July 13, 2011
  • GSA will leave the standard mileage reimbursement at 51 cents for government travel, even though the IRS has raised its rate to 55.5 cents.

    July 05, 2011
  • OPM Director John Berry said the administration is trying to be \"responsible and professional\" when it comes to changing the bonus and pay structure. He said agencies should take a step back and make sure they are using these programs effectively and promoting the best employees.

    June 16, 2011
  • Republican leaders of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee introduced a bill to reduce the size of the federal government by 10 percent, codifying the deficit commission\'s recommendation. The legislation also would not let agencies hire contractors to replace federal workers unless there is a \"financial advantage to the government.\"

    June 06, 2011
  • Workers at Uncle Sam\'s most touchy/feely agency must soon decide which union they want to represent them...even if they don\'t like any of the choices. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey ask so how\'s that going to work?

    April 22, 2011
  • Transportation security officers will begin voting May 23 in a run-off election to decide which of two unions they want to be represented by.

    April 21, 2011
  • Neither of the two federal unions to represent 44,000 Transportation Security Agency employees received a majority of the vote. The election will go into a run-off in the next few weeks.

    April 20, 2011
  • Unemployment benefits as well as other help is available for federal employees to help pay their bills in the event of a shutdown.

    April 08, 2011
  • President Obama expects to have an answer Friday morning about whether a shutdown can be averted. Meanwhile agencies have new guidance from OMB on how to prepare to close down their offices. Federal workers vent frustrations and ask questions during a town hall meeting sponsored by Rep. Jim Moran.

    April 08, 2011
  • Colleen Kelley, president of the National Treasury Employees Union talks about government shutdowns, and what happens if the federal government closes its doors. April 6, 2011

    April 06, 2011