In Depth interviews – August 20

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Today’s guests:

John HaleChief of Enterprise Applications, DISA

The Army and the Defense Information Systems Agency hit a milestone this weekend in their transition to a single, cloud-based enterprise email system. The Army now has 500,000 users in DISA’s private cloud including 20,000 users from the DoD’s Joint Staff and the European Command. John Hale tells In Depth that the full roster of more than 1.4 million users should be using the cloud by March.

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Shane MorrisSupervisor, Diplomatic Courier Service, State Department

Shane Morris overcame numerous obstacles during the Arab Spring uprisings to ensure that U.S. diplomats in the Middle East could securely dispatch and receive classified documents and equipment. When access to Bahrain, a primary courier hub, was cutoff because of protests and unrest there, Morris devised a plan to send diplomatic pouches from Frankfurt, Germany, to the United Arab Emirates. And she organized a successful meeting between a freight forwarder, U.S. personnel and airport authorities to discuss tarmac access needed by a diplomatic courier at that airport. She is a finalist in the Call to Serve category of the Service to America Medals. She details to In Depth the challenges of transporting documents in and out of airports without them being seized or opened.

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