Pete Tseronis

  • The Internet of Things (IoT) in Government 2019 “Progress & Best Practices”

    This program provides a progress report on Internet of Things devices in government.

  • Breathing life into stagnant CIO authorities must begin with consistency

    Six former federal IT executives offers opinions and insights about the latest attempt to strengthen the roles of agency CIOs.

  • Smart cities and cyber

    For cities to be deemed “smart,” the critical infrastructure sectors supporting these communities will leverage information and communication technology (ICT) to analyze real-time information.

  • Dissecting the President’s management agenda

    With the Trump Administration releasing the Presidents Management Agenda this week, we’ve assembled a panel of experts to discuss key components of the agenda this Friday.

    March 23, 2018

  • Innovation: A look from both sides

    Pete Tseronis, founder and CEO of Dots and Bridges LLC, joins host John Gilroy to discuss the Modernization Government Technology Act and innovation in the federal space. January 16, 2018

  • Getting the most from government work

    Pete Tseronis says he is a great example of how to learn from working with the federal government, and then jumping into the private sector.

  • Finally an answer emerges for why IPv6

    The FCC becomes the latest agency to fully move to the more secure protocol. NIST’s scorecard shows agency progress over the last decade.

  • Tseronis to leave Energy for private sector

    Pete Tseronis, the Energy Department’s chief technology officer, plans to take a job in industry after seven years at the department and more than 24 in government.

  • More urgency for agencies to switch to IPV-6

    Pete Tseronis, chair of the Federal IPV-6 Task Force, explains what it means to run out of IPV-4 addresses.

  • IPv6 task force looking at vendor readiness for the change

    After meetings between agencies, the CIO Council’s panel is concerned that even if agencies meet OMB’s 2012 deadline to make the switch, their Internet service providers may not. The task force is hoping to meet with GSA and Networx vendors to make sure everyone is ready for IPv6.