Soraya Correa

  • DHS’ winning ways in procurement

    Director of the Office of Procurement Operations at the Homeland Security Department, Soraya Correa has 28 years of experience in procurement, federal assistance, and acquisitions management… and now, an Acquisition Excellence Award!

  • Part 2: Unique needs, high fees propel increases in agencywide contracts

    DHS, VA say they need their own multiple award contracts because they want vendors who are familiar with their processes and requirements. Others say agencies want the ”glory” of running large procurements and are unhappy with GSA’s fees. GSA is trying to address the perception of poor customer service as a way to bring more agencies into the fold.

  • DHS Correa moving to management role in CIS

    Correa has spent 28 years working in the procurement area. She now moves to a broader role.

  • DHS procurement chief: ‘Let’s take some chances’ to innovate

    When it comes to innovating the procurement process, the Department of Homeland Security is trying to become more risk-friendly through a new lab.

  • Acquisition goals at DHS

    Soraya Correa, chief procurement officer for the Department of Homeland Security, joins host Roger Waldron to discuss her vision for the DHS acquisition workforce, procurement operations, and government-industry communications. March 29, 2016

  • DHS wants to lead the way on civil service reform

    A congressional authority to hire 1,000 new cybersecurity professionals is prompting the Homeland Security Department, along with the Defense Department and Office of Personnel Management, to develop non-traditional ways to recruit and retain new talent.

  • McCormack, Correa partner to turn DHS IT buying on its head

    Luke McCormack, the DHS chief information officer, and Soraya Correa, the DHS chief procurement officer, are collaborating to move the department into a more agile process for buying and developing technology systems.

  • Episode 3: Communication and Collaboration Insight from Federal Senior Procurement Officers

    In this episode of Market Chat!, we will hear how federal acquisition officials are trying to improve their engagements and relationships with the vendor community as well as how marketing figures into the federal procurement process. Our guests will be three senior-level procurement executives who oversee large federal procurement programs.

  • DHS gives its ‘backlog’ of contract closeouts a taste of the PIL

    Soraya Correa, chief procurement officer at the Homeland Security Department, said the Procurement Innovation Lab (PIL) collaborated with others in the agency to develop a streamlined approach to complete hundreds of thousands of outstanding contracts.

  • DHS’ hiring fair is a product of leadership, innovation

    The Homeland Security Department is holding a virtual hiring fair this week for recent college graduates and interns through the Pathways program.