Steve Shih

  • NASA’s unity campaign takes on new meaning during pandemic, protests

    NASA’s unity campaign launched last September, but it’s taken on new meaning during the pandemic and recent nationwide protests. Under its unity initiative, NASA is reviewing its personnel management, recruitment, hiring and retention practices to ensure the agency’s workforce is diverse and inclusive.

  • NASA embraces opportunity to launch proactive anti-harassment campaign

    NASA launched an anti-harassment campaign and strategy not because it identified a specific problem, but because its top leaders said they see a diverse and inclusive workforce as key to achieving their new goal to return Americans to the moon by 2024.

  • NASA’s anti-harassment program stands out among federal agencies

    Steve Shih, NASA’s associate administrator for diversity and equal opportunity, told FNN’s Nicole Ogrysko why he decided to start an anti-harassment campaign at the agency.

  • Steve Shih: Senior leadership is key during times of government change

    The Senior Executive Service must be allowed to play a key role in change and reorganization.

  • As agencies prep for reorg, OPM to sharpen its succession planning tools

    The Office of Personnel Management is preparing a new talent management and succession planning guide.

  • More feds teleworked in 2015 but more employees could be eligible, OPM says

    The percentage of the federal workforce eligible to telework remained unchanged between fiscal 2014 and 2015, but more workers could be eligible to use the program, the Office of Personnel Management said. About 46 percent of eligible employees participated in the program in 2015, a bump over the previous year’s rate.

  • Rotational assignments an early success story from SES executive order

    Agencies are starting to embrace rotational assignments — one of the four main priorities in a recent executive order on the Senior Executive Service — as an opportunity to give SES members new experiences and developmental opportunities.

  • OPM bets on blueprint for improving federal leaders

    The Office of Personnel Management has rolled out “frameworks” for more consistent leadership training across the government. The guidance suggests timelines for teaching both substance and soft skills to managers.

  • Steve Shih: OPM to help agencies design performance appraisal systems

    Regulation changes from the Office of Personnel Management will help agencies design performance appraisal systems for senior executives. Steve Shih is deputy associate director for senior executive services and performance management at the Office of Personnel Management. He told Federal News Radio’s Lauren Larson about some of the changes.

  • Steve Shih, Deputy Associate Director of Performance Management, OPM

    The Office of Personnel Management has launched a government-wide database of coaches. These are federal employees who have received their own training to coach others to reach their goals. Steve Shih, the deputy associate director of OPM in charge of senior executive services and performance management, joined Emily Kopp on the Federal Drive to talk about the motivations behind this coaching program.