Steven Hernandez

  • Pre-pandemic CIO Council report nearly predicted SD-WAN’s usefulness to agencies

    Education Department CISO Steven Hernandez said the council wanted to plan for the next five to 10 years of agency network priorities and how to prepare for an emergency.

  • ‘Data is my new perimeter’: CISOs cope with challenges of remote workforce

    CISOs have to approach their job differently since the pandemic forced vast amounts of the federal workforce outside of the traditional network perimeter.

  • Education Dept sees data as building blocks for zero trust in telework environment

    Education Department CISO Steven Hernandez said the agency has been “tremendously productive” with a workforce that has largely worked from home during the pandemic.

  • Executive Briefing Series: Cyber Threat Hunting

    Threat hunting is emerging as a powerful tool for agency security managers. Think of it as using cybersecurity data analysis to identify threats before they become problematic. Threat hunting calls for gathering telemetric levels of…

  • CIO Council, OMB identifying the pieces to complete the zero trust puzzle

    Federal Chief Information Officer Suzette Kent said the new white paper from ACT-IAC helps bring together multiple federal cyber efforts under the zero trust umbrella.

  • HHS’ Office of Inspector General focusing on endpoint protection, application layer

    “We really focus on that endpoint protection,” Steven Hernandez, CISO, acting CTO and director of information assurance for the Office of Inspector General at HHS said on Federal News Radio’s In Focus. “Not only, at some point, that endpoint probably had to handle keys or certificates to do that job, to get that encryption in place – that’s very helpful for us – but also for anything that we run, that’s where we want the encryption to really take place. Because I guarantee you at some point that magical network encryption box you have is going to fail, or a network engineer is going to make a mistake and going to route around it, or your cloud provider is going to make a mistake and all of a sudden your information is in the public network. And so, as a custodian of the data, at that application layer, sometimes at that session layer, that’s where we really focus our efforts.”

  • Enhancing Federal Network Visibility and Analytics

    Federal News Radio hosted RSA Chief Technology Officer Zulfikar Ramzan and three federal executives to take a look at several aspects of network visibility and analytics.