Vijay D’Souza

  • GAO finds employee productivity is increasing from home

    Federal employees working from home largely report being more productive than when they go into the office, and while large-scale oversight efforts from the Government Accountability Office have only just started, GAO has acknowledged that it’s also seeing improvements from its own employees.

  • Disaster planning framework asks agencies to make some tough decisions

    Vijay D’Souza, GAO’s director of Information Technology and Cybersecurity, said agencies have to consider their various business processes and what could impact them, then what can be done to offset those impacts and keep operations moving smoothly.

  • GAO finds growing cyber weaknesses at IRS

    Government Accountability Office says the IRS has more than 100 significant cybersecurity weaknesses that leave it vulnerable to attacks and data theft.

  • Election security woes only growing for 2020 presidential race, including DHS’ response

    The caucuses in Iowa showed it doesn’t require foreign adversaries or political enemies to screw up voting.

  • How data analytics can help save agencies money

    Initiatives to share and publish agency data, like the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act, are working toward making more transparent how government spends money, and the Government Accountability Office is overseeing the efforts.

  • Vijay D’Souza: How data analytics can help agencies tackle improper payments

    The Government Accountability Office recently hosted a panel discussion to talk about how organizations could foster collaboration to use analytics to tackle improper payments. Federal News Radio’s Eric White spoke with Vijay D’Souza, director of GAO’s Center for Enhanced Analytics, on Federal Drive with Tom Temin for a recap of the event and some of the topics covered.

  • DATA Act a good thing, but implementation a struggle for some agencies

    The DATA Act will make it easier for the federal government to prepare for the future and help citizens, but before it can do that, agencies need help in meeting the May 2017 implementation deadline.