DoD comptroller says $450B in cuts challenging enough

Mike McCord, principal deputy undersecretary and comptroller, DOD

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Many of the budget battles raging in Congress converge on the Defense Department, which is already under mandate to reduce future spending by $450 billion. More could be coming depending events on the Hill in the next two weeks.

It’s a tough environment to manage. Much of the job falls to Mike McCord, principal deputy undersecretary and comptroller of DOD. He’s a long-time budget player in Washington.

“There’s a little frustration either side of the river, as the budget process takes longer than you wish it would,” said McCord. “And, we’re waiting for our appropriations this year. We’re waiting for a unit authorization order and an appropriations bill, neither of which has passed.”

McCord spoke with Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Amy Morris from the Excellence in Government Conference in Washington.

“I told the secretary yesterday and he agrees with us, under any scenario, it doesn’t looks like we’ll probably get those decisions from Congress on (2012) in time to really inform our decision making for the (2013) budget that’s due in February,” McCord said. “So we’re just proceeding ahead. The $450 billion is a big enough challenge as it is.”

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