Army calls for proposals on protective underwear

It may sound funny, but it has a serious purpose. The Army is asking industry to develop a new generation of ballistic underwear.

“The prevalence of IEDs [improvised explosive devices] during dismounted operations in Operation Enduring Freedom has caused a greater number of injuries to the lower body,” the statement of work says. “These include blast injuries surrounding the groin area affecting the colon, femoral artery and genitalia.”

The Army’s request for proposals calls for drawers made of comfortable, breathable fabric. The product would resemble a boxer-style brief with a fly front, and it would be available in multiple sizes for men and women. The underwear must accommodate removable shields that protect a soldier’s pelvic region and it can’t interfere with walking or running.

In keeping with the military’s standard naming conventions, the underwear is already identified by an acronym — PUG for “Protective Under Garment Systems.”


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