Federal Drive Interviews — April 9, 2013

We continue our weeklong series, Rise of the Money People, by interviewing Dorothy Robyn, commissioner of the Public Buildings Service at GSA. Dr. James Kelly, ...

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Today’s guests:

Dorothy Robyn
Commissioner of the Public Buildings Service

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Federal finance may conjure up images of dull reports and boring people toiling away on spreadsheets. If that’s what comes to mind, it may be time to revise your thinking. Accounting and finance people can vastly enhance an agency’s ability to meet its mission goals. As we kick off our weeklong series, Rise of the Money People, we take a look at how finance is changing, and the skills people need to keep up with this dynamic profession. Dorothy Robyn, commissioner of the Public Buildings Service at GSA, is unequivocal about the strategy to get the agency’s portfolio under control.

Steve Ressler
Founder and president

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The Robertson Foundation has teamed up with GovLoop once again to shed light on every step of the hiring process across the government and help you land a job. Steve Ressler, founder and president of GovLoop, joins the Federal Drive to offer a peek at what’s in the “Getting Into Government: A Guide for High Achievers.”

Lynne Bernabei
Bernabei and Watchel, PPLC

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The Director of National Intelligence has released new security clearance guidelines helping victims of sexual assault get or keep federal jobs as candidates will no longer have to admit they’ve seen a mental health counselor after being assaulted. It may seem like a small change but advocates call it a major victory. Employment lawyer Lynne Bernabei provides a closer look at Question 21 in Legal Loop.

Dr. James Kelly
Neurologist and director of the National Intrepid Center of Excellence
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

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The Pentagon estimates a quarter-million troops are returning home with traumatic brain injuries. A research institute at Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda has developed a month-long treatment plan. It’s unorthodox but researchers say it works when nothing else does. Now the National Intrepid Center of Excellence is exporting its brand of treatment to bigger military hospitals. Dr. James Kelly is a neurologist and the center’s director.

Michelle Sager
Director of strategic issues

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Congress passed the Stock Act last year and as part of it, Congress asked the Government Accountability Office to look into the sale of political intelligence. Michelle Sager is the director of strategic issues at GAO and author of the report.

Related Report:Political Intelligence: Financial Market Value of Government Information Hinges on Materiality and Timing. GAO-13-389, April 4


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