No better time to say ‘thank you’

The dedication of our federal workforce and government contractors has been undeterred at every stage of this latest crisis. Join Federal News Network throughou...

Life as we knew it is a far away dream. We are all walking through our new reality — for many, one that requires less make-up, fewer ties, sometimes drastically shorter commutes (think bedroom to the kitchen table), and most noticeably, a lot more patience.

But for others living through the same reality, their jobs require something different of them. These essential personnel are carrying out the mission. Every day they take risks to ensure the government systems and infrastructure are uninterrupted; to ensure food is inspected; to ensure planes fly safely; to ensure national parks and monuments are secure; and to ensure all the little things continue that keep our country running.

And despite all the change we’re living through right now, one thing has remained true: The dedication of our federal workforce and government contractors. At every stage of this latest crisis, these folks represent the foundation of the life we knew and will know again.

Join us throughout the month of May for our second annual May We Say Thank You” e-card campaign to recognize the highly-visible and the behind-the-scenes efforts of the federal and contract workforce during this critical time in history.

Thank you to …

the people who maintain the safety of our skies, roads and bridges.

those who protect the air we breathe, and the food and water we consume.

assistance program folks who keep children and those in need fed.

health care workers and all support personnel caring for our veterans.

service members and their families.

emergency management first responders, transportation security officials and federal building security personnel.

the people who maintain our national security.

the people who will send us our tax refunds and stimulus checks.

the people who are conducting life-saving research and making important scientific breakthroughs.

the countless other public servants who should know how much we appreciate all they do.

Send an e-card today and let the people know you admire them this month, May, when we celebrate public service.

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