Your benefits package from A to Z

Do you know what's in your federal benefits package? If not you should. Federal benefits expert Tammy Flanagan will explain why when she joins host Mike Causey...

(This show originally aired on May 10, 2017)

Knowing what’s in your benefits package is of high importance.

For both FERS and CSRS employees knowing what you will get in retirement can better help you decide what kind of TSP investor you should be. Should you be conservative and hunker down in the super-safe, super-dull Treasury securities G-fund? Or should long haul investors (with a guaranteed pension) be more aggressive by investing in stocks (C,S and I) where performance is sometimes a roller coaster, but generally a better payoff?

One of the people who knows your benefits package from A to Z is Tammy Flanagan. She’s been visiting federal agencies for years and she writes a regular column for Government Executive. And she wrote the cover story for this month’s NARFE magazine. The theme is what you don’t know can hurt you. Tammy will be our guest today on Your Turn, and we’ll cover the benefits waterfront.

You can listen at Federal News Radio  or in the D.C. metro area on 1500 AM. The show will be archived on the Your Turn webpage, so you can listen later if that works for you. Please listen, tell a friend, and learn. What you do know, or will learn, could make your golden years 24 carat instead of gold plate.

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