Fast first week for Trump administration

President Donald Trump got to work quickly after his inauguration a week ago.

Of greatest immediate impact on federal employees, by Monday the administration had imposed a hiring freeze. By Wednesday the White House clarified its initial freeze memo. If an agency offered a job – in writing – to someone before Jan. 22, that person could go ahead and report for work. But only if his or her start date is before Feb. 22.

But Trump left a bit of wiggle room, giving agency heads the discretion to approve prior hires with starting dates after Feb. 22.

The freeze isn’t comprehensive; national security related positions are exempt, as are those of uniformed members of the military.

Making good on other campaign promises, President Trump revived two controversial oil pipeline projects, began reversal of immigration policies of the Obama administration, got the ball rolling on a wall between the United States and Mexico, and put the brakes on the Affordable Care Act to the extent possible under a presidential order.

Photos from the Oval Office showed Trump signing a flurry of orders and memoranda with the Obama-era gold curtains still hanging behind the desk.