Defense News

  • SPECIAL REPORT: DHS takes inspiration from tragedy

    Advance research agency sees opportunity from Katrina, power blackout, other events to solve large-scale problems. Technologies are high risk, but high payoff.

  • Work is Fun for SAMMIE Nominee

    Sniffing the air for anthrax has never been more high-tech. Scientists at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory have come up with sensors that can diagnose infectious diseases, track airborne toxins and even detect explosives in…

  • USAF addresses cybersecurity challenges

    The Air Force once again is leading the federal effort to address some obvious cybersecurity gaps. The service and Microsoft teamed up to develop secure server configurations for Windows servers. This work comes about two…

  • Healing the unseen wounds.

    When a National Guardsman returns from a deployment. its sometimes easy to deal with physical wounds. But what about traumatic brain injury, or post-traumatic stress disorder? To combat that, the Army has come up with FID-RAH…or the post-deployment health reassessment, for soldiers coming home. Its designed to catch combat-related health problems before they get home, and get the help they need. I’m Max Cacas.

  • Just call her ‘Captain Fitness’.

    Air Force Captain Charlotta Blalock says she gets some strange looks from people when she’s on a plane, and will drop to the deck and start doing push ups at 14,000 feet. Blalock, who is aide de camp to General Roger Brady, head of U.S. Air Forces in Europe, is now a competitive bodybuilder, after deciding four years ago to step it up when it came to her fitness. She scores ”excellent” in the Air Force fitness test. I’m Max Cacas.

  • Retired Marine Corps General likely pick for NASA head

    Pick is also former astronaut and likely to meet with the President on Monday.

  • Army’s MC-4 system protecting soldiers

    The Army developed the MC-4 system to replace the paper medical card that often was stained or soaked with blood by the time a wounded solider got back to the field hospital. Little did they…

  • Army Worldwide Public Affairs Symposium

    Hundreds of Army public affairs officers from around the world are in the area this week. They’re attending the Army Worldwide Public Affairs Symposium. The goal is to learn how to better promote the Army. And many of the attendees we’re doing just that –promoting their home-bases, while interacting with the media . ”We train all of the army intelligence solider airmen, sailors, marines and coast guardsmen in a variety of intelligence specialties” says Tanya Linton from Ft. Huachuca Arizona. That training includes the joint weapons intelligence course –”which is basically battlefield forensics. We can look at the site of an explosion and track it back to the bomb makers,” adds Linton.

  • Back to the future

    Its back to the future for the American space program. NASA is currently testing the next-generation Orion spacecraft, designed replace the space shuttle. If the cone shape looks familiar, its because its almost identical to the Apollo lunar modules. The Orion is now being tested at the Navy’s Surface Warfare Center in Bethesda, Maryland. And instead of landing like a shuttle, Orion will splash down like Apollo. I’m Max Cacas

  • AF tests readiness of retirees

    More than 140 Air Force retirees gathered at the 2009 Push-Pull Exercise to test the Air Force’s ability to recall retirees to active duty. The week-long event was held at Lackland Air Force Base in…

  • Filling the Holes Filling a Need

    The Army Reserve and Customs and Border Protection have signed an agreement aimed at putting reservists into open jobs at the border agency. It’s part of a larger effort by the Army Reserve called the…

  • Pentagon lets benefits contract with Lockeed Martin expire

    The Pentagon is not going to renew its contract with Lockheed Martin to process information for U.S. veterans. Bloomberg is reporting that the current contract will expire soon and the Pentagon will not excercise its…

  • National Security: how Tweet it is

    By Jane Norris FederalNewsRadio Are Facebook and Twitter essential to national security? Two researchers at the National Defense University say the answer is yes and they are calling on the Pentagon to use social media…

  • Secretary Gates at the Air War College

    Defense Secretary Robert Gates delivered a speech yesterday at the Air War College in Montgomery, Alabama. He is speaking at all of the service war colleges this week to discuss his budget recommendations for FY…