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Cloud computing is quickly changing almost every aspect of our lives. But for government agencies, it is often a struggle to keep up with the rapid pace of tech...

Seeking FedRAMPSM Authorization for Cloud?

Start Smart with Cisco WebEx Web Conferencing: A FedRAMP-Authorized Service for Long-Term Success

Cloud computing is quickly changing almost every aspect of our lives. But for government agencies, it is often a struggle to keep up with the rapid pace of technology changes. The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is helping agencies chart their way, but they still need help. Fortunately, FedRAMP has arrived and is providing an efficient and affordable way to build long-term success in the cloud: Cisco® WebEx Web Conferencing, A FedRAMP-Authorized Service.

Why Is FedRAMP Authorized Cloud Needed?

FedRAMP provides agencies a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for their cloud products and services. This is saving government agencies significant costs by eliminating duplication of efforts, reducing risk management, and tightening cybersecurity. FedRAMP helps agencies save time and money by speeding up procurement for cloud services and opening the door for new and innovative approaches that streamline solution integration and improve performance. We see FedRAMP as critical to ensuring the success of government agencies.

Because of FedRAMP’s importance, Cisco will be pursuing FedRAMP compliance for our entire cloud portfolio. By offering a robust stack of collaboration services, we are helping agencies lower risk while enjoying unparalleled reliability and security in operations and applications anywhere, anytime, on any authorized device. As a proven and trusted provider of cloud services, Cisco is committed to providing government customers with the commercially available collaboration services they know and trust via a secure, authorized process.

Is There an Easy Way to Transition?

Cisco WebEx Web Conferencing is a great place to start your transition to cloud. It provides government agencies a web conferencing platform that is already FedRAMP-Authorized. Cisco WebEx Web Conferencing empowers your team with full mobility and all the benefits that go with it, enabling government employees to save time and gas by working from home or creating new opportunities for collaboration across departments or agencies. “As a FedRAMP-Authorized Service, Cisco WebEx Web Conferencing can serve as a great jumping off point, or foundation, for other cloud technologies,” says Anwar Mallory, Cloud Collaboration Specialist at Cisco.

“Cisco WebEx Web Conferencing can easily integrate with calendars and other cloud technologies and is a familiar place for less tech-savvy people to start” according to Mallory. It enables meetings-on-the-go via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Plus, it can empower government employees to engage the latest in innovative teaching and training solutions anywhere at anytime, saving agencies travel and lodging related costs.

Leveraging a Holistic Approach to Cloud

There are many options for cloud, but implementing a Cisco WebEx Web Conferencing service allows your agency to enjoy the entire portfolio of Cisco cloud related offerings as they become FedRAMP-Authorized. As the leading web conferencing service, Cisco WebEx is designed to be leveraged as technology advances and can be critical to your organization’s future success. “Cisco WebEx Web Conferencing lets agencies take a more holistic approach to cloud since it can serve as a platform for future growth, yet is built to meet FedRAMP requirements and the daily demands of government,” according to Mallory. “Since it is already future-proofed, it will be capable of working with new and emerging solutions that will directly benefit government agencies in the years ahead.”

As a FedRAMP-Authorized Service, Cisco WebEx Web Conferencing also lets your agency leverage the proven experience of Cisco in other areas like cybersecurity, cost efficiencies, ease of implementation, productivity tools, improved user experience, and ongoing support.

  • Industry Leading Threat-Centric Cybersecurity: With recent high-profile security breaches, the need for a proven threat-centric network defense for government agencies is critical. At Cisco, we use our experience as the industry leader in cybersecurity to create a state-of-the-art FedRAMP-Authorized defense for your agency. With Cisco cybersecurity solutions, government agencies can enjoy reliable and proven defense across the entire
    attack continuum.
  • Reduced Costs: Cisco services for cloud can also help government lower costs by using energy and resources more efficiently. “As a FedRAMP-Authorized Service, Cisco WebEx Web Conferencing also provides other advantages, especially with its ease of implementation, maintenance, and upgrading,” stated Mallory. “Traditionally, those aspects of an agency’s communications all have added expenses, including more labor costs. But Cisco WebEx Web Conferencing can run on the same infrastructure and as a web-based interface, so there is no down-time trying to get it up and running – or upgraded. In reality, it is a website coming online – but one that is already FedRAMP-Authorized.”
  • Improved Workforce Productivity: Cisco services for cloud empower a next generation workspace so your agency can enjoy secure, flexible collaboration on any device from any location (including while in transit). It can also connect workers in high-definition video, voice, IM, and presence.
  • Ease of Use/Better Quality: As a FedRAMP-Authorized Service, Cisco WebEx Web Conferencing differs in its onboarding approach for users. It is designed to maximize reach by connecting users to the network at the nearest possible location. The result is better quality and a more consistent user experience overall, especially when connecting from remote locations.
  • Full Support: Cisco also provides full support to bring your team up to speed, making sure the right policies are in place and that your community of users understands the many benefits of using WebEx in their daily work.

Through our partner-led model, Cisco partners are always there to help your agency better understand and successfully navigate the federal cloud mandate and associated processes. They also prepare you for future cloud enhancements, helping make your integration of new cloud solutions into existing infrastructure as painless as possible.

Building upon a Proven Technology

Using Cisco WebEx Web Conferencing as a jumping off point for future FedRAMPAuthorized cloud solutions means you are using a proven technology that is reliable and secure. “We have lots of users in the scientific community,” stated Mallory, “and this is where Cisco WebEx Web Conferencing has shown its real potential – driving inter-agency collaboration to create innovations that benefit government, the public, and even drive future growth.” Cisco WebEx Web Conferencing, a FedRAMP-Authorized Service, has already been successful in helping government agencies achieve their cloud mandates. This includes Cisco WebEx Web Conferencing use by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the lead sponsoring agency during the solution’s FedRAMP
authorization process.

Next Steps

As your government agency begins the process of implementing a FedRAMP-Authorized Service for cloud, we suggest taking the following steps. Doing so can help your journey go more smoothly and improves the success of your team’s efforts.

  • Understand the technology before implementation so that any conflicts with compliance are reduced
  • Become familiar with all required FedRAMP submittal forms and any non-disclosure issues
  • Develop a well thought-out roadmap for implementation
  • Thoroughly review current policies to see which should continue to be enforced and which can be set aside (password levels, access restrictions, etc.).

Also, take time to learn more about the FedRAMP Certification process at to better understand how it impacts your agency. For more information about how FedRAMP-Authorized Services from Cisco can help your agency achieve success, please visit:

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