Guidelines for a transition to the hybrid cloud

Many agencies are considering moving to the cloud. This transition is more than a “lift and shift” to one of the major cloud offerings. Merlin International...

When industries mature they must face much more difficult and complex questions than at the beginning. With the initial push for the cloud, many federal leaders looked at the “low lying fruit” like email systems. Today, we have more complex systems that need to be moved to the cloud. One must consider which systems can be moved completely and which systems are candidates for a partial move, or what is termed hybrid cloud.

For example, there are some cloud offerings that are extremely bare bones. They may not take into account backup, encryption, or dynamic storage management. With the advent of big data and the Internet of Things, nobody can predict storage requirements. An architecture must be put in place that will not charge federal agencies for unused storage, yet be flexible enough to increase storage capacity when needed.

Any move to the hybrid cloud will require federal information technology professionals to partner with a company who has a deep understanding of system architecture. It also will need an organization that is up to speed with technical developments in storage in order to deploy a system to the cloud.



JOHN pix FotoFlexer_PhotoJohn Gilroy, Host of Federal Tech Talk, Federal News Radio

John Gilroy has been a member of the Washington D.C. technology community for over twenty years. In 2007 he began weekly interviews on Federal News Radio called “Federal Tech Talk with John Gilroy.”   His 428 interviews provides the basis for profitable referral business. In 2009 he created a successful breakfast club of previous radio guests called The Technology Leadership Roundtable. He has been instrumental in two of his guests forming their own radio shows:  Derrick Dortch with “Fed Access” and Aileen Black and Gigi Schumm with “Women in Washington.”

In 2011 he began teaching a course in social media marketing at Georgetown University; in March of 2014, John won the Tropaia Award for Outstanding Faculty.  John conducts monthly corporate training for large companies on how to leverage social media to generate revenue.



Mark Zalubas, Chief Technology Officer, Merlin International

Mark Zalubas is Chief Technology Officer for Merlin International.  In this role, Mark is responsible for Merlin’s strategy and vision to continually provide government customers with optimal, secure, integrated and sustainable solutions that enable them to deliver on their missions.   Mark’s core competencies include cybersecurity, enterprise applications, data center infrastructure and cloud solutions.  Mark has more than 28 years of technical and management experience guiding innovation and strategy for software companies and systems integrators.  He has held leadership positions with Convergys, Oracle, and Lockheed Martin. Mark holds a Master’s of Science in Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech and a Bachelor’s of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Maryland.


Mike Dye, Chief Technology Officer for Civilian, NetApp U.S. Public Sector

Mike Dye is the Chief Technology Officer for NetApp U.S. Public Sector. In this role, Mike focuses on helping Civilian Agencies move their mission forward by evolving their technology environment with best-of-breed data management and data storage solutions.

As NetApp’s Civilian CTO, Mike is responsible for the strategy and development of customer’s cloud based and traditional IT environments.  Through thought leadership and customer briefings, Mike understands the challenges government customers face from the data center to the hybrid cloud and provides strategic guidance to help them succeed now and into the future.

With over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, Mike is a proven leader in the Information Technology space. Mike’s knowledge spans from systems to storage.  Prior to joining NetApp in 2014, Mike worked at Dell as the Storage Solutions Architect for their Washington Solution Center for over three years. Throughout his career, Mike has also held key positions at IBM, HP, Oracle, and Sun Microsystems.

Mike holds a BS in Information Systems Management from the University of Maryland.

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