How to leverage your data center with virtualization

August 3, 2010 — Data centers are proliferating in the federal government. We now have more than 1,000.

We all know that virtualization reduces capital costs, allows for a scalable environment, reduces your energy footprint, and speeds up setting up testing sites.

How does your agency compare with others when it comes to leveraging your data center with virtualization? How do you compare with people at the same level in other agencies?

CDW-G conducts an annual survey of government IT professionals to learn trends. One striking fact is that, although 77 percent use some form of virtualization, 81 percent of those say they are not using it to its fullest extent.


Is there a lag between commercial use of virtualization and federal usage?

You can visit the CDW-G website to read the results or listen to Andy Lausch to hear about trends and the future of virtualization.

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