Handling business process management

July 19, 2011Appian Chief Technology Officer Michael Beckley joins host John Gilroy to talk about changes in business process managment.

The federal government has identified at least fifteen “business processes” that it handles.

The three best known are “hire-to-fire,” “procure-to-pay,” and “order-to-cash.”

Traditionally, a federal IT professional would purchase a server and run an application.

Today’s world of virtualized servers running in a cloud is forcing everyone to develop more efficient ways to handle that process.

If enterprise architecture handles the vision and design of a system, then business process management moves onto modeling, execution, and monitoring of that business process.

Beckley will share with us some of the success stories from the Marines as well as the Comptroller of the Currency in handling changes in business process management.

Collaboration is truly a hot topic and many agencies are wondering how to accomplish this noble goal when people are wandering into the office with smartphones with several different kinds of operating systems.

Beckley will discuss how Appian has developed a system called “Tempo” that gives you the ability to handle the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Blackberry, as well as the Android.

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