Understanding the federal business process

Bill Fox, a senior consultant at Aegis.net discusses business process management with host John Gilroy. January 29, 2013

January 29, 2013 — Every federal IT professional is charged with some aspect of a business process.This could range from processing a tax filing or reviewing a security clearance.

Instead of examining each step in a business process, today’s interview on “Federal Tech Talk” examines best practices from a generic perspective.

Bill Fox is a senior consultant at Aegis.net with twenty five years in software systems development. Over the years he has seen good and bad examples of managing projects.

He has developed a website called Five Minutes to Process Improvement Success. The web site is a reflection of over thirty interviews with leaders in the area of business process management.

The simple question he asks is, “What is your best process improvement strategy?” The experts range from Kanban to CMMI.

The Cutter IT Journal just published an article from Fox that compares Agile, CMMI, and Lean methodologies. During the interview, he expands on the capabilities of each and where a federal professional can apply each.

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