A look at Software Defined Application Services

Randy Wood, federal vice president of F5 Networks will discuss how Software Defined Application Services or SDAS, can benefit your agency. February 25, 2014

February 25, 2014 — This week on “Federal Tech Talk”, host John Gilroy interviews Randy Wood, federal vice president from F5 Networks.

Listeners who have paid their dues in the data center know F5 Networks for innovations in load balancing.

Essentially, this is the ability to look at a network and dynamically assign space on servers in order to maintain availability.

The traditional concept of several servers sitting in a closet down the hall has morphed into virtual servers sitting . . . somewhere in the cloud.

The challenge today has moved from managing servers to managing the applications sitting on the servers.

During the interview, Wood talks about this concept known as Software Defined Application Services or SDAS.

In an increasingly complex cloud world it is getting more and more difficult to manage the secure, fast, and reliable delivery of applications.

Randy sates that his customers are not interested in a four hour academic discussion on the differences between Level 4 and Level 7; they are interested in getting the job done.

To this end, F5 Networks has recently partnered with Cisco in something called the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure.

A myriad of issues are discussed in the interview with a thorough discussion on the value of securing endpoints, like mobile devices.

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