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Kirk Couser & Chad Baker, NextLOGiK

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November 11, 2014 — Today’s interview is with Kirk Couser, CEO, and Chad Baker, director, NextLOGiK. The discussion takes a look at the thankless task of collecting data.

The federal government collects all kinds of data. During the interview we mentioned that the GSA manages many buildings and has to have people walk around and collect data. But, HHS collects health data, weather information is collected by FEMA, let’s not forget the tremendous amount of data that NASA must collect.

Chad Baker outlined the dilemma that many commercial and federal organizations face. They send somebody out, the collect the data, then the return to the office and input the data. There is delay and the possibility of error at each step along the way.

Kirk Couser mentioned a product from NextLOGiK that can be used with common smartphones. It is one option that commercial and federal information technology people may want to consider.

One technical aspect of the discussion was healthcare compliance and the related topic of ISO 9001. During the discussion, Chad Baker details what the ISO 9001 process entails and highlights some practical aspects of compliance.


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