A new look at “managed services”

April 14, 2015 — Today’s interview is with George Johnson, the chief security officer for NC4.

The conversation takes a new look at an old concept called “managed services.”

Just a few years ago, agencies would have servers in a data center.

It was possible to move the physical servers to third party data centers where the agency could have access to the data, but another company would manage the operating system, virtual systems, heating, cooling and general maintenance.

This was defined as a managed service.

During the interview, Johnson talks about new kinds of secured networks that are now available.

The reasoning is simple: sharing information is dangerous unless you have a safe and trusted network to accomplish this task.

This way, he applies the phrase “managed services” to a network instead of just a few servers.

The “management” process enables federal information professionals to mitigate risk with a secure portal.

One interesting aspect of the discussion was the talk that George gave to a security group called FS-ISAC (Financial Services, Information Sharing and Analysis Center).

His talk was titled, “Trust at the speed of light.”

This is an overview of how professionals in sensitive environments can share information for the benefit of all.


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