Taking the lid off of “WannaCry”

Today’s guest is John Jolly, President, and CEO at Syncurity.  The topic was how federal systems administrators can handle something like “WannaCry.”  The interview began with a quote from Warren Buffet who recently said that cyber-attacks are a bigger threat than nuclear weapons.

Head shot of John Jolly
John Jolly, president & CEO, Syncurity

Syncurity is a privately held company that has been around since 2014.  They have a platform that assists in helping enterprise organizations structure incident responses.  They provide an extensive security system to help prioritize responses to incidents on a network.

During the interview, Jolly differentiated between alerts, events, and incidents.  One issue that people have today is the overwhelming occurrence of attacks.  Jolly suggests that a systematic approach is the most economical way to handle alerts.

The specific example was the current “WannaCry.”  This exploit impacts older operating systems that have not be patched.  Today’s best practices include being vigilant, patching, decommissioning older operating systems, and segmenting networks.

Syncurity is a thought leader in the area of incident response, Jolly will be presenting to a local SANS meeting in Crystal city and will be speaking about how to handle incidents.  Syncurity calls it security orchestration.  If you are an agency that is under attack, the volume can be so intense that you need to automate your response.