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Enlightened Inc. Business Development Manager Patrick Novak, Fearless Solutions President Delali Dzirasa and the Small Business Administration's Mariana Pardo d...

(This show originally aired on August 29, 2017)

Today we take a look at how information technology companies taking advantage of the HUBZone program.  Our guests are two HUBZone companies and a leader from the Small Business Administration.

They are Patrick Novak, business development manager for Enlightened Inc., Delali Dzirasa, president of Fearless Solutions, and  Mariana Pardo, director of the Small Business Administration’s  HUBZone Program.

Head shots of Novak, Dzirasa and Pardo
Patrick Novak, Delali Dzirasa, Mariana Pardo

Back in 1998 several congressmen were sick of large companies getting too much federal business.  To remedy that, they put together HUBZone (Historically Underutilized Business Zones). This mandates 3% of all federal contracting go to companies in a federally mandated area of disadvantage.

You may be surprised that the federal government is actively seeking HUBZone companies.  Today, most HUBZone companies are focused on construction. During the interview, Novak talks about the motivation to becoming a HUBZone company.

Pardo explains the details of being a qualified company. She details how the SBA needed to improve the mapping system.


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