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How is technology changing the way government operates? Find out when Dcode Founder & CEO Meagan Metzger, and Thresher CEO Rebecca Fair join host John Gilroy on...

Today’s guests are Meagan Metzger, founder and CEO of Dcode and Rebecca Fair, the CEO of Thresher.  They are in the studio to talk about a technology innovator Dcode as well as one of its participants, Thresher.

Head shots of Meagan Metzger and Rebecca Fair
Meagan Metzger & Rebecca Fair

Metzger looks for creative companies who can provide technology that has the power to change the way government runs.  Dcode looks at areas like FinTech, Blockchain, and Developer Tools.  One company she selected was Thresher.

Thresher can take a look at a tremendous amount of text and generate the text you need from any API or database.  During the interview, Fair talks about putting messy text into clean categories.  She calls it “training” data.

In the interview the discussion branches into the differences between machine learning (writing software that can learn) and artificial intelligence (machines with the ability to mimic a human being).

One approach that Thresher uses is something called Natural Language Processing.  Fair talks about how her company’s technology can find the hidden code in text, like slang and words with double meaning.

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