Managing complex transitions to the cloud

BMC Software Vice President Kevin Orr discusses IT security, Digital Enterprise Management, and how his company can help federal agencies make the transition to...

(This show originally aired on November 28, 2017)

Today’s guest is Kevin Orr, VP at BMC Software.  Everywhere you turn in the federal government you are being encouraged to move to the cloud.  What most don’t tell you is that this move is not like turning on the light switch in the kitchen.  Large, complex systems have inter-dependencies and varying cybersecurity requirements that a transition to a cloud environment can be complex.  That may the recent interest in something called the hybrid cloud.

Head shot of Kevin Orr
Kevin Orr, vice president, BMC Software

Orr has decades of experience with complex transitions.  During the interview, he talks about what the industry calls “Digital Enterprise Management.”  In other words, trying to figure what is on your network, evaluating if a move to the cloud would reduce cost, then developing a strategic plan to enable this digital transformation.

Patching is an issue that seems to come up in discussions about large systems all the time.  The first step is to use a tool to get an accurate list of what is on your network.  From there, a systems analyst may be able to come up with a way to automate many of the mundane patching tasks.  Many don’t realize some of the recent well-publicized attacks took advantage of something as basic as patching known vulnerabilities.

Systems are complex, to begin with, and a move to the hybrid cloud actually increases your attack surface.  The proactive approach to devising a method of securing your system is the only way to keep up with the rapidly changing world of the cloud.


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