Akamai: Delivering uncompromised security

Head start Tom Ruff
Tom Ruff, Akamai Technologies

Today’s interview is with Tom Ruff, vice president of Public Sector Americas at Akamai Technologies.

Most federal information technologies know that Akamai has a solid reputation in the industry as a managed content delivery network. Essentially, this means that it can make sure systems in varied geographic areas have content delivered quickly. They accelerate and improve delivery.

However, today we saw a new side of Akamai. Tom Ruff talked about how Akamai can take that managed network and improve cybersecurity.  During the interview, he showed how Akamai can leverage that information the get at the edge to prevent malicious attacks from getting into your system.


He talked about a zero trust model.  Effectively, they take the cloud perimeter and use it as a core network.  When apps come in and out of the cloud, they must be verified and never trusted.  This approach keeps users off the agency network, adds another layer of proactive malware protection, and still manages to reduce latency in the cloud.

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