Emergency notification: Improving technology to save lives

Don Hall, government solutions director at OnSolve, joins host John Gilroy on this week's Federal Tech Talk to discuss the latest advances in emergency notifica...

Today’s guest is Don Hall, government solutions director at OnSolve. The focus of the interview is on emergency notification.

Head shot of Don Hall
Don Hall, government solutions director, OnSolve

Currently, the federal government is encouraging collaboration in diverse environments.  This means that people could be geographically separate yet must keep in communication in a wide range of circumstances.  This is a complex process, to begin with when you add in individual preferences for devices, then you can see where alerts can fall through the cracks.

During the discussion, Hall applies his range of experience to the discussion. He has decades of years of experience in life and death situations. Also, he has worked at high levels in the Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management Agency.  From his perspective, one should look at options in emergency notification and apply the correct system. For example, some systems are cross-platform and allow for easy documentation.  There are other systems that may have better applicability in military situations.

Hall brought up some of his work in the Integrated Public Alert & Warning System, or IPAWS. He shows how this concept can improve communication and reduce the loss of life.

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