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What are the new DHD cybersecurity guidelines and how to they asses ridks and protect government IT systems?Find out when Mike Ewell, director at Solutions by D...

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Our guest is Mike Ewell, Director at Solutions by Design II.  Today’s interview focuses on examining the recent DHD cybersecurity guidelines and improved methods to manage a Secure Operations Center, or a SOC.

Head show of Mike Ewell
Mike Ewell, director, Solutions by Design ll

The discussion started off with a quick review of the guidelines that include assessing risk and protecting systems. From his experience, Ewell indicated that this is because malicious actors can penetrate systems and not make significant changes. They may make minor changes that aren’t noticed.

Ewell expands upon how this seemingly innocuous change can have a drastic impact in the commercial world when it comes to evaluating the value of companies. One way to prevent this attack is with improved SOC management.

Many times, automation is the solution for improving the way SOCs are managed. However, Ewell provided a remarkable statistic – some people claim that 85% of the time people try to automate tasks on SOCS, they fail.

Listing requirements and giving parameters must be balanced with human analysis to be able to effectively automate a Secure Operations Center.

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